Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Killing of Media people in Paris France

     The brutal and senseless killing of people in Paris France

Today is a sad day when people working in their office are gunned down because they don't believe like someone else does. My prayers go out to all the peoples families who are suffering tonight. I am so sorry for your loss.

This blog though needs to point out a few things I would like my readers to think about. First of all I do not understand why civilized nations of the world don't get together and stop this. Tell the countries involved if they cant stop it we will. Then go do it, the hell with what these countries think. Remember we warned them. Second to the Muslims. I for one am not interested in your apologies or condemnation of this violence. I hear all over the media how Muslims should condemn  this, and you should but What HORSE SHIT.  We want you to fight it. We want to hear how many of them you have killed and how we can help you kill more of them.  We are tired of words its time for actions or the rest of us can only assume you agree with the actions of these animals. Third President Obama you need to stop allowing this and refusing to call  this a WAR and calling them what they are Muslim Radicals. Smiles its like not calling you a socialist. Fourth and final thought this goes out to the News Media Now I keep hearing how police should protect them and people should stand up for them and their first amendment rights...... Well OK but think of this.....We know your scared,  your scared of everything. What I want you to think about and I want to point out to my readers is this. DOESN'T IT SUCK WHEN SOMEONE HAS A JOB TO DO THAT THEY HAVE BEEN ENTRUSTED WITH BUT THAT THEY NEGLECT AND DON'T DO IT BECAUSE OF POLITICAL CORRECTNESS AND PERSONAL POLITICAL VIEWS.  Ask yourself this if these killers come to my office in NYC will the cops I call to save me be the same ones you have been calling raciest and showing such little respect for. The people you want to fight for your first amendment rights will these be the same people who you were entrusted to be the watch dog for their rights,  but chose to take sides and push the socialist  agenda for the present administration. Id think about this if I was you, remember your bull shit has cost many people their rights and even their lives, but you just keep printing, publishing and putting on TV what fits your socialist agenda and that of Wash . D.C. I hope such a thing never happens here in the United States but if it does isn't just worth thinking about. Who will come to help you and when you had the chance did you do your job for them. Will they take up your mantel of freedom or come to your rescue like you did for them. I sure hope so. ...Smiles..... Just a thought

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