Wednesday, December 17, 2014

President Obama might be on to something with Cuba

Cuban common sense comes to the Whitehouse?

Hello America

Just a short post regarding the Whitehouse's announcement today that they would be starting the process of normalizing relations with the communist country Cuba. Although I would love to see Cuban Cigars legal in my life time..... I really think the freedom of the repressed people of Cuba are more important. I understand that many young people do not remember the Cuban Missile Crisis or How Castro came to power or what he has done to so many generations of good people. So our good friends in the Socialist mainstream media are touting what a good thing this is. Well ...
I AM SCHOCKED TO THINK SOCIALISTS WOULD SUPPORT COMMUNISTS.....Now there is something no one could have seen coming LOL. Just like them talking about the new generation not understanding why we have an embargo... YOU MEAN PERHAPS YOUNG PEOPLE WOULD BE MORE INTERESTED IN WHY THEY CANT GO VACATION IN A PLACE SO CLOSE  AND SO WARM FOR SPRING BREAK... Say its not true... that young people are more interested in their own selfish desires then the freedom fight that real people have and fought and died for in Cuba. Dear Lord what will I learn next. My ideals have been dashed.

But Now the Good news !!!

It would seem that perhaps President Obama is starting to make sense. He has stated that he is doing this with Cuba because we have done the same thing for 50 years with no results there by proving it is time to take a different direction. Good thought Presss !!! However had it been me I would have used this same train of thought and applied it on our failed Race programs, Having Public Unions in our schools, Welfare, Many Social Programs, and the Turn towards Socialism in our nation. What do all these things have in common they are all 50 year old failed programs that are bankrupting our nation,  that have yielded little or no results. So good thought you just might apply it someplace that would save trillions of dollars and perhaps set our country in a new direction that would really help someone. I guess that would be to much to expect from a Socialist who would rather help a Communist who really isn't costing us much money, Just stomping on the human rights of good people in Cuba. But hey who knows I might get my Cuban Cigars yet. "SMILES". Isn't that what this administration is all about,  not freedom,  not our constitutional rights, not democracy,  but what we can personally gain if vote the right way. OH wait you socialist liberal piss heads hate smokers thats why you push police officers to kill them in NYC. Soooo  I'm sure Cuban Cigars will carry the death penalty.

Shep Says