Wednesday, August 14, 2013

American Airlines Bankruptcy or Merger

Just a thought is it possible the Obama/Holder Twins are after American Airlines because it is a Ft. Worth, Texas headquartered company.
I do notice the other airlines are based in  states or cities who voted for him. Like Chicago, ILL. where United Airlines is headquartered. Just something else to think about. Perhaps it is just that he wants United Airlines to remain the largest airline in America. My guess its a good way to hurt a strong area of the country that just doesn't see eye to eye with him. And really isn't the socialist way not bring others up to a higher level,  but drag others down to the lowest level for easy control "smiles"
Shep says

Sunday, July 21, 2013

White Americans are not Racist just tired

                           White Americans are not Racist just tired
I am really sorry a young man died. I for one do not care what color he was. But everyday young people are dying for reasons that make no sense, but to make the stretch to race REALLY. Let me explain white people for the most part are not racists they are just tired. Of what you might ask well here is a few of the reasons, We are tired of sending our money to a government who has turned the reins over to the liberal socialists. A government who spends with no question or accountability of results. We are tired of watching a race of people we have spent billions on to help better educate and provide more opportunities for, vote not based on what is best for the country, or the content of his heart, but instead votes on the color of his skin. ( which we were told was what we were fighting in the first place. The very thing Dr. King died for).What I like to call the black like me vote.  I didn’t Vote for Pres. Obama because he was black, I didn’t vote for him because he is a horse shit president. One who pushes his socialist agenda of wealth redistribution and larger government. He is trampling over the constitution and the bodies of those who fought and died for it, for us. He is also trampling over the people he used to elect him.

We are tired of paying for three generations of welfare that was explained to us to be a leg up not a hand out or a multi generational way of life. It was told to us that it would improve their opportunities and strengthen our nation. We are tired of being called racists when in fact there is much more racism in the black community towards white people then the other way around. I do not believe one is a racist because they do not want their tax dollars spent this way on any program without results. I am sorry but now most of my life my money has been spent for government programs with little or no results. I have watched this only get worse and deeper. I watch people only scream for more and call us racists if we do not give it to them. America is bankrupt I'M TIRED OF IT. I am tired of a race of people who because of their own self perception believe white people don’t like them and assume they are racist ( Isn't that profiling us ).

News flash It matters not what color you are if this is your attitude I don’t like you. If I don’t like you it is always performance based never race based. I have trouble with people who never look for or expect results, only more. Who never take responsibility for actions or things that they should be doing. Not understanding that it is their job to change the perception by cleaning up their own communities. Ridding it of the gang violence, the welfare mentality, the absence of the family unit and general attitude that somehow it is OK for black people put into leadership positions to game the system. It is not up to white America to accept it , get used to it, change it, nor even to pay for it. The self perception of the black community can only be changed from within. I would like to point out that it isn’t getting better through welfare it has only worsened and expanded through the self sustaining greed of many of the black community leaders and the poor self image a system like this creates for the people who live under it. After 50 years of wasting tax dollars without looking at the results of the program this was bound to happen.

We are tired of a socialist media who uses black people like dogs keeping them in their place to push their agenda, yet the people refuse to see it, because it might stop the gravy train. We are tired of a society that has given up on bringing others up to a higher standard because it is much easier to bring others down to the lowest common denominator. We are tired of hearing from people who scream race every time they don’t get what they want, when in fact their biggest problem is not us but themselves. It isn’t us who see you as black (and we have proven it with 50 years of commitment.) It is you, Yes you, it isn’t white people who wont forget your black it is black people who will not forget your black and we are tired of it. You are a culture in trouble caused by your own doings and now trying for a redo on someone else’s money. Sorry not going to happen until you get your house in order. What this means is for the loud mouth liberals whining about race like things were still in 1963. Your own leaders the Al Sharpton’s and Jessie Jackson’s of the world. Your very own NAACP leaders. Think about this Blacks are about 13 % of the population but 81% of violent crime is committed by blacks. Although blacks are 13% of the population they consume 78 % of welfare dollars. These figures of course vary from group to group depending on the agenda they are pushing, however even if it was only 50% which no ones study even approaches. With some thought and a little common sense no reasonable person could believe anything but this is a failed policy, and complete crap and must be stopped. Remember 13%. White people are still 70% of the people in the United States.

We have the first Black president so really people isn’t it time to stop the crap and whining and direct your attention to the real issues which is what’s wrong in black American culture, not that white America isn’t giving you enough or owes you more. Its time if you love your people and your children to suck it up, stop blaming others and take responsibility. Money and opportunity aren't your problem 50 years has proven that. Where are the results. To the hard working Black people who have taken the opportunity to learn and improve Thank you, you have honored your people, our country and our commitment to you many years ago. Now it is time for the black community to take the responsibility to fix your families and communities. Cut the ties of the Government gravy train. Make your culture understand they shame themselves and their race if they just keep it going. Your race baiting community leaders are your cultures greatest disgrace. Your children need to be taught what a family unit is. It is time to stop walking around with your hand out, It is time to stop blaming other people, It is time to think about what is best for our country, It is time to stop trying to game the system, It is time to forget your black and be Americans first, and yes JESSIE AND AL ITS TIME TO LET THE 60S GO.

Black America it is time for you to understand the only part of America who sees your blackness is you. The rest of us have moved on paid the bills and now all we want is for you to live your lives as Americans. You wonder why white people profile young thug looking black men well duh 13% responsible for 81 % of violent crime and 55 % of murders. Black people who I know are scared and profile this type of people as well. This is pretty simple and it doesn’t matter what race you are if you don’t want to be treated like a punk don’t dress, act, talk, or hang out where punks do.

I am white and was raised in the ghetto. I didn’t get out because I was white, I got out because I changed , worked and decided I didn’t want to live like that. No one gave me anything. No welfare, No education, No job or even cool place to play. So parents it is time to make your kids hike up their pants stop looking up to punks, show them what a family looks like. Show them what a good American looks like. Turn off the rap shit, teach them that a woman is a lady not a hoe and that this hoe they call mom will beat the piss out of you if she ever hears you use that term again to describe a woman. Show them that families are made up of a mother and a father who love them who have hopes, dreams and expectations for them. I believe it is time for profiling in America, parental profiling, where you see what your raising. Remember you reap what you sow. Profile your kids make them see if you don’t want people to think of you as a group stop acting and looking as a group. When I was young all I had was my parents and the example of how they lived their life. Its all I had and all I got, but it was enough and now life is good.

My last thought and warning to America is this. If you want a snap shot into the vision of the future of America you only have to look as far as Detroit . It is a city that was turned over to a liberal socialist system ran by unions and liberals. I really hope the black people in America will think about these things. I hope men like Al and Jessie who have massed great amounts of personal wealth and fame on the backs of their people will be ask questions like: Mr. Jackson where do you live now, do you still live a humble life in the inner city, how many businesses have you started and ran to help the people you have made so much personal fame and wealth off of. You see people your leadership is like drug addicts, they sit around the living room getting high talking about what they will do in the future and how they will change the world. Until you stop, get up and do something, nothing will happen. Nothing in this world worth having is free. 

So if we really want to help people we must always keep an eye on the results of the programs we spend our tax dollars on. I do not believe anyone thinks nothing should be done, however most of us are tired of spending without results whether it is on welfare , our education system in America or even things like our foreign aid. Tax dollars and social programs spent with no thought to goals, objectives and a time line will never produce results. Every business in America has to use these tools to assure profitability and achieve results. Then of course you have to look for results. These are the things and people who if left unchecked will drive America to be one large Detroit. If you truly want change I urge you to change your attitude, your children, the race mongering of your leaders, the expectation and waiting for someone else fixing things for you, taking no blame or responsibility, your perception of what white people think of you.

Perhaps white people think as they do not because of the color of your skin, but instead the downward spiral of a community we have spent so much time, money and effort on. Always coming back blaming race and wanting more. Maybe not only should there be an “N” word maybe its time for us to have an “R” word. Its time black America stops and joins the rest of us who have moved on to just be Americans.


Thank you and God bless

Shep says