Wednesday, December 17, 2014

President Obama might be on to something with Cuba

Cuban common sense comes to the Whitehouse?

Hello America

Just a short post regarding the Whitehouse's announcement today that they would be starting the process of normalizing relations with the communist country Cuba. Although I would love to see Cuban Cigars legal in my life time..... I really think the freedom of the repressed people of Cuba are more important. I understand that many young people do not remember the Cuban Missile Crisis or How Castro came to power or what he has done to so many generations of good people. So our good friends in the Socialist mainstream media are touting what a good thing this is. Well ...
I AM SCHOCKED TO THINK SOCIALISTS WOULD SUPPORT COMMUNISTS.....Now there is something no one could have seen coming LOL. Just like them talking about the new generation not understanding why we have an embargo... YOU MEAN PERHAPS YOUNG PEOPLE WOULD BE MORE INTERESTED IN WHY THEY CANT GO VACATION IN A PLACE SO CLOSE  AND SO WARM FOR SPRING BREAK... Say its not true... that young people are more interested in their own selfish desires then the freedom fight that real people have and fought and died for in Cuba. Dear Lord what will I learn next. My ideals have been dashed.

But Now the Good news !!!

It would seem that perhaps President Obama is starting to make sense. He has stated that he is doing this with Cuba because we have done the same thing for 50 years with no results there by proving it is time to take a different direction. Good thought Presss !!! However had it been me I would have used this same train of thought and applied it on our failed Race programs, Having Public Unions in our schools, Welfare, Many Social Programs, and the Turn towards Socialism in our nation. What do all these things have in common they are all 50 year old failed programs that are bankrupting our nation,  that have yielded little or no results. So good thought you just might apply it someplace that would save trillions of dollars and perhaps set our country in a new direction that would really help someone. I guess that would be to much to expect from a Socialist who would rather help a Communist who really isn't costing us much money, Just stomping on the human rights of good people in Cuba. But hey who knows I might get my Cuban Cigars yet. "SMILES". Isn't that what this administration is all about,  not freedom,  not our constitutional rights, not democracy,  but what we can personally gain if vote the right way. OH wait you socialist liberal piss heads hate smokers thats why you push police officers to kill them in NYC. Soooo  I'm sure Cuban Cigars will carry the death penalty.

Shep Says

Thursday, December 11, 2014

I have discovered Another Racist Plot in America. NFL, NBA and MLB implicated.


Today my friends is a very sad day in America. For what I have discovered is a Racist plot embedded so deep in American culture that it almost went unnoticed. So deep that it effects nearly every American. As  a normal white male in America I was shocked when I discovered that my weekends are spent witnessing this appalling event. Yes my friend NFL Football, NBA basketball and yes even Americas pass time MLB baseball. This racist plot centers around the Referees and Umpires in professional sports. It has been brought to my attention that these evil people are racially profiling these poor professional athletes. I have found that these vile people have been unfair to blacks and other minorities calling many more penalties on African American players then on white players. The percentage is a staggering 74% of all fouls called in the NFL are called on African American players. While in the NBA the percentage is much worse approaching 90%. We are also running numbers now finding out that the amount of outs called in MLB baseball seems to be growing against people of Hispanic origin. These figures are growing every year.

OK you hopeless hapless liberal morons out there, who aren't smart enough to realize it is percentages.

Yes that's right because there is more crime in poor neighborhoods filled with gang and drugs. So there will be more Police in those areas. The reason people don't like Police officers is they have something to hide. Here is the conversation America needs to have " why is it that many mothers and grandmothers in these neighborhood accept and even endorse children and people in their families  involved in gangs, drugs or other illegal activities". That's why old ladies and kids keep getting killed sitting on the porch with their family. Now I do not for a minute believe these people don't know the involvement of the people around them. Much like the people in the mafia families used to be. They know what's going on they just choose to look the other way because they too profit from this one way or another. The  same thing with welfare and other government programs. Many times these older people are good church going folks. If you want to solve the problem then we have to ask why do good people go along with such dreadful crap. Why don't they stand up and solve the problems or at the very least tell their family members, I love you but until you clean up your act,  you are not welcome in my home. The reason Police aren't wanted in areas like this is because most people there are involved in or have someone close to them involved in shit they don't want the police to know. Its funny if you have nothing to hid you do not fear the police,  as a matter of fact you welcome them in your area because you know they will help you. Jesus Christ people have we forgot in this country that police, fire, members of the military and public servants (besides teachers) Are the GOOD GUYS the people who make our world safe, the people we call out for in times of need. This bullshit of tearing down everything good in this country needs to stop. The race baiters need to realize its done. Unless they are trying to start a race war and if that's the case then lets do it and get it over with, I do need to give one small piece of advice however, remember when your counting heads on your side blacks are 13% of the population. I know many of the race baiters are thinking that their liberal friends will jump in and help them even the numbers. Well.... the problem is the liberals are the people for gun control, not keeping score, and all the warm and fuzzy liberal pussy shit. So think about it when something dangerous happens these pussys well be hiding deep within their schools of higher learning having some conference trying to figure out what happened. Oh by the way they will be the first people calling the police to come save their ass.

So I believe it makes since that  if  80% of violent crime comes from 13% of the population, that's where they send the police. Then we can also surmise that 89% of the tax money being spent on police services to try to keep these places safe for you, is coming from some place else as well. Here's a plan If you don't want police in your neighborhoods, cool let us stop paying for them. Get ride of the crime and the police will go some place else. I believe it would be much cheaper and a better job for the police to keep the gangs and drugs out of the places for people who don't want gangs and drugs in their neighborhoods,  then to keep trying to save your homes in areas infested with this vermin. To again let them protect and serve in the fashion they have been trained. THE POLICE ARE THE GOOD GUYS. Yes police arrest many more black people in black neighborhoods then whites.....Duh... just like in professional sports the referees tend to give out more penalties and fouls to black players because there is more black players in the NFL and NBA.  REMEMBER  PERCENTAGES. It might not be because the refs or police are racist it might be where they are sent to do their jobs. If the NBA sent refs to all white games two things would happen. One they would stop giving fouls to black players and Two they would be out of a job. If this attitude sent out from our racist administration, department of justice, and the good old race baiters doesn't stop, soon you good folks in bad neighborhoods are going to be shit out of luck, because the police will just eat more donuts look the other way and go places where people are smart enough to realize the POLICE ARE THE GOOD GUYS. Not your thug boyfriend, child, grandchild or friend who is involved in gangs, drugs and gaming the system. Remember anyone who doesn't like the police probably have something or someone to hide. Don't go to church on Sunday morning then sit on the porch with your gang banging kid and his friends and be surprised when the next drive by happens you or a child is the only ones killed. Think about it you move to slow because your not looking for it, just like the poor kid sitting there playing. I lived in this shit with the mob when I was young so I am not some guy guessing about this stuff.

Closing thoughts
 Liberal dumb shits load your guns because your going to help right. Oh wait your afraid of guns just like you are afraid of everything. This is just another example of you wanting to stand around and do what you want and tell other people how to live their lives. That's what happened in the Garner case on Staten Island a man died not because the police were white or racist, but your dumb ass policies have police treating smokers like or worse then drug dealers. Police are people who know how to take orders and do what they are told and trained to do. Really do you think the police volunteer to work is the worst places on in America. I bet they would all rather come to the burbs make the same money and the worst thing they see is jay walking and speeding. Liberals the police in America aren't as stupid as you think or even as you. Good Lord when will you learn an education doesn't make you smart or know anything about anything. It only means you can repeat someone else's thoughts. It doesn't mean you can think on your own that's why you drink the administrations cool aid so you know what to say. I will always  remember these words of wisdom : Those who can do, those who cant teach. Smiles......

Not to forget my good friends in the mainstream socialist media when you let your alligator mouth overload your humming bird ass and someone is going to beat the crap out of you who do you call first a police officer or gang banger.

Final Thought..... The Police are the good guys !!!!!

Shep says