Saturday, September 8, 2012


Hello Everyone
It is now time for me to make comments about the up coming election in the United States. Here is how I se it. First of all let me start by telling you I am a republican by nature. I am a Christian but not part of the religious right. I believe the same thing is wrong with the far right in politics that the church suffers from now days. People taking small parts of Gods word and making a full doctrine from it AND BELIEVING IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THEM YOU ARE GOING TO HELL. Now I don’t mind they do it or believe this way,  as they have that right, it is only when they try to legislate their views on others I struggle. Hear me fellow Christians you are trying to take more power then God himself took. You see God left us with choice. Now the left you people are socialists period wanting someone to give you something your to lazy to make for yourself and YOU REFUSE TO ACCECPT THAT ANYTHING IS YOUR FAULT. now lets talk abortion. I believe if you want the choice to kill your children you should have it. As a matter of fact I personal encourage it. If you want to have dozens of kids you refuse to raise and let run the streets you should have that as well. If you want to be gay enjoy. Where I draw the line and what you do not have the choice of, is to do these things on other peoples money. That choice of yours infringes on other peoples rights and drive our country closer to socialism far from the republic our founding fathers designed. I believe there is aprox. 20% on the far right and 20% on the far left. Which leaves 60% of the rest of us in the middle. Both sides of these parties are intent in taking our country in a radical direction. What we the rest have to do NOW before it is to late is show these politicians is neither side has any business in making decisions on running our country based on a personal agenda. History has proved over and over this never works. We need people who no matter their personal agenda you make sound constitutional decisions for our country. Rightwing remember prohibition it gave us the raise of organized crime which even today we struggle against. Leftwing did you know that socialism all over Europe is what is now driving them into depression. Do you understand the socialism (liberal thinking, larger Gov., having your Gov. take care of you, and redistribution of wealth. ) is now and has always been the gateway to every dictatorship, fascist and communist rule ever imposed on man kind. I believe ever person in America should go see the movie 2016 no matter how you plan to vote. This movie will help you understand many things. I do want to briefly discuss a couple things the first is racism in America. Yes it is still around but it has changed by far now days it is reversed and black people hate white people much deeper the whites towards black. Now I know not all are like this,  but for the most part it is true. However that being said most murders are black on black or white on white so I guess we hate ourselves the most. Take the last election the issues were thrown out and even the self professed black Christian right voted for President Obama. This is what I like to call the black like me vote. It was ramped. I gave no thought to the mans color only, his history which I spent the time to learn, so I knew what  he was a socialist. Nor was I interested in casting my vote to be part of history to elect the first black president. Let me ask you this Left how in the world is having someone show ID going to keep registered voters from voting. I would personally go further and require a voting test everyone in America would have to pass ( not a hard test only one that shows the person voting has some idea in current issues and a basic knowledge of our constitution and what a republic is.) Leftwing you should be ashamed of yourself that you consider your base so stupid that it cant even have, show or produce ID or is it you believe they are to lazy to get one. really people I am appalled at the lack of respect you show your own base. I believe people on the left are as smart as the right I believe blacks are as smart as whites and Hispanic as well. This is a clear cut example of socialists wanting the millions of illegal people in our country being able to vote. These people are people and should be treated fairly, but should not have the right to vote in our election as they have not earned that right under our constitution. If they go through the process then I welcome their ideas and votes. If you are making your voting decisions watching TV we are doomed. For example The socialist media would like us to believe there are hardly any black people in the republican party. Well by their own figures people we have 3% Black people in the GOP now if you look at percents it would appear to be a small number,  but if you do the math and use common sense you quickly see that if Blacks are 12.6 % of the population but yet 3% of the republican party it tells you the number is higher then its portrayed. Lets face it people we need to look past % because of course a smaller section of the population would in fact be a lower %. This comes across with crime rates, social programs and every percent you hear. Hispanics now number 16.3 % of the population I was unable to see what % of that was legal vs. illegal. Now lets look at our schools although our spending rate per child is 4th in the world our results ranking is 27th. How can we keep going in the same direction with education with an educational system high jacked years ago by socialists whom we have given so many tax dollars to, yet continues to drop and show less and less results. A system who is more interested in their liberal socialist agenda and self perpetuating their own industry then the education of our children. Look it is time we allow choice with responsibility
in our country, but it is high time we stop and think and understand the socialist left is taking us to a country more like Europe which is failing apart at huge rates. If you want to be gay be gay I do not care, if you want to have tons of kids do it, if you want to abort your children by all means go head. Just stop blaming me and others for the ills of your poorly planned out life or expecting us to pay for itor fix it . Stop wanting to be a minority so you can get on the socialist gravy train. I do not care what color you are, where you go to church or even that you do. I do not care your sexual preference. If you don’t like who you are change it. Remember this is your choice you wanted it and I believe you should have all of it you want and can afford. Now quickly THE TEA PARTY, stop believing the media it is not part of the relegious right. In fact it is a bunch of people who understand our constitution, who believe in small government and see and know that our run away spending has to stop. They are fiscal conservatives. They are some Christians yes but they are more like me and believe it is our Gov. role to lead by example not to legislate morality or de legislate morality. There are many people in the tea party with different beliefs like any party the difference is they are people who are willing to believe something, but yet govern for the true good of the republic we should hold so dear. The republic so many people have died for. There is much hope for America and America is the hope of the world. But its time we stay out of others business, stop spending borrowed money and ready ourselves to do what ever it takes to save our republic. Yes educated voting or even to die for it if we must. You hear the left and right crow about education is the path to freedom and success and it is. So voters get off your ass and get educated in what is really going on in this country. Left or Right stop pissing our country down your leg for your own personal agenda. Right let them have choice for whatever it is, who cares, but we have choice as well and my choice is to live in a free America, where the only right is opportunity, constitutional law, small government and states rights. Where states are allowed to control themselves as the majority decides. If more people in the state feel gay marriage is ok let them have it. If you live there and don’t like it move. If a state believes they need to control the amount of illegal aliens coming to their state let them pass it. If you don’t like it move. As long as the rest of us don’t have to pay for it. Maybe then we can get a clear cut real prospective of how the majority in this country feels. Where the most people go wins. Simple as that. Or is that what both sides are afraid of. The Hodgepodge of miss information will no longer work. Fellow Americans our system isn’t broken it is our media, schools and the fact that both GOP and the Democrats have been taken over by the radicals in America who believe only their way is right and wish to force it on others or want everyone else to pay for their shit because they don’t want to earn it or its to hard or just will not take responsibility for their actions. I’m like everyone else I do not like it. I am a republican because I am against socialism and know the only way we can fix this will come out of a country which is free, with a Gov. that is under control not a Gov of control. NOW AMREICAN SOCIALIST LIBERALS I WILL MAKE A DEAL WITH YOU. You can have your choice and all the issues you want just learn to live where people except it and stop wanting everyone to pay for your shit. AMERICAN REGLOUS RIGHT I WILL MAKE A DEAL WITH YOU. I want you to be anti abortion in your homes even churches and show the world through your example. To live a life that makes you happy,  however I want you to do what our God has done and leave America with choice. It will stop driving people away from the party which is against the liberal socialist which is trying to steal our republic. You are not part of the solution you have become part of the problem. I would like to remind you our God gives us choice are you greater then he. It is like the difference between being a true believer and real Christian and confusing a church doctrine as the only way. Christians read your bible and this time do it through the holy spirit so you might understand it. and left wing liberal socialists read !!! well what the hell ever fantasy book it is you read LOL. Please everyone go watch 2016 NOW. STOP LISTENING TO ALL THE VOICES WHO LIE. GET EDUCATED AND THINK. USE SOME COMMON SENSE. AND FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE MINDLESS EITHER WAY PLEASE JUST GO AWAY AND DONT VOTE FOR EITHER SIDE. This is the life I have lived, the example I have set and the path I chosen. I pay for it myself and blame no one for its out come. I work hard to achieve the things I do. I help many people in life not because my Gov. takes it (and most of it never even gets to the right people.) but because that is my work and my joy and most of all the choice my God put in my heart and I give it of free will to whom I want it to go to. And yes America I will die for my country and its future and that my friends is MY CHOICE!!!