Sunday, January 11, 2015

Today in pictures of the World


Today with the very organized and peaceful march of world leaders in Paris France they have showed how crazy all of this is becoming. INSTEAD OF HAVING MEETINGS AND PLANNING THE CONTROL AND DISTRUCTION OF RADICAL MUSLIM GROUPS WE MARCH. What is next from our so called world leaders Tweets and Facebook posts. This comes from a bunch of leaders who are more worried about their world and personal finances, what others think of them, political correctness, their socialized vision of the world and out of plain fear like this kind of no spine pussy always has. We know and have seen in history that anything worth having, loving or getting is worth fighting for. Just as history has shown us that any time evil raises its ugly head in the world it can only be stopped by destroying it. Yet here we are doing the civilized thing showing a united front of worthless words and actions. Letting the media including Fox crow about what a great event this is and how historic this is, almost makes me want to shiver thinking of such history being right here in my life time. " gags" While the civilized leaders march all together I promise you the terrorists have one thought " Wow had we known this was coming we could have killed them all at one time" It is time to wake up and realize our civilized shit means nothing to these animals. The only thing this does is give the media something to pretend might make a difference and wasted TV space. To the people we should be fighting in this war it is only a bigger better target for them. This world wide political correct crap and governments celebrating " The differences in people" What horse shit!!!  LOOK when you come to America you should be coming because its what you want more then anything not that you want to change it or get freebees from it. The big problem we have and most countries have right now is that we are becoming a society of groups. Its fine to have your tradition's and to pass them down to younger generations. AT HOME,  but it is no ones responsibility to encourage this or to pay for it with other peoples tax dollars and rights. Until these leaders across the world wake up and start passing laws and enforcing the ones they have towards immigration and forcing people to assimilate into the society people have moved to  this will happen over and over. What happens if a bunch of people go to a Muslim country and tries to spread Christianity, they get arrested and or killed. WE should not want or allow people to come to this country to change it, or only because they want our standard of living and the free stuff our Government has decided to use our tax dollars on. We should only want people here who want to join us and be part of America. Which means they want to assimilate as soon as they can to become not " black, Muslim, Hispanic, or any other bullshit group Americans, Just be Americans and damn glad your here. This problem is out of control world wide. If anyone is so na├»ve that they don't think an evil group would use this to infiltrate a country to put radicals in place for a take over  YOU MUST BE SMOKING SOMETHING. Until the leaders of the world step up and realize this is a war and are willing to tell their citizens that so we can go fight this with the same zeal we did to stop Nazi Germany or Communism, it will never stop.
We have to remember like the people before us freedom is never easy nor is it free, but as with our forefathers we must understand its worth dying for. All the marches, signs and well spoken words are worthless unless you are willing to back them up with your life. We here in America have clouded our own constitution with this politically correct horse shit. We have never had the right to be an enemy of this great nation or what it stands for. We have the right to free speech yes but when groups turn this speech into plots and actions against the country its a different thing. We have the right to stop it. It is this watered down version of our constitution that allows groups in our country to try to drive our nation towards socialism . Immigration can be a great thing to help a country as long as it is done within the law. It should not be up to us to prove a new person is a bad person, It should be up to them to prove to us they are worthy of being part of the greatest country in the world. So when we watch and follow up on them they should have no problem at all understanding,  they should welcome it. As for the World I believe many have already gone to a socialist state and if they want to recapture their country before someone else does they had better reverse this socialist way of thinking.  I have down loaded a couple pictures to think about. The images are two very different ones because one shows this so called civilized method. That I believe is the same vision of the politically correctness killing the world. Just look at the two images the terrorists are armed and believe what they are fighting for, They are willing to die for it. The other shows people worried about money,  peace at any price, socialism and how things look to the rest of world (mostly each other the people we should be fighting don't care) , instead of outrage towards animals who have declared war against the world. We didn't ask for this fight, but should not back away from it,  our future and freedom are at stake. No matter how misguided these peoples thinking is trust me the attitude they have will be a winner until we adopt the killer instinct that has protected our freedom around the world for generations.  So please take the time to look at these pictures and ask yourself which one of these groups looks like they will win a war and for gods sake think about what is at stake. I pray to God he will raise up Warriors amongst us or we will surly be sheep lead to the slaughter by these animals.

Shep Says

Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Killing of Media people in Paris France

     The brutal and senseless killing of people in Paris France

Today is a sad day when people working in their office are gunned down because they don't believe like someone else does. My prayers go out to all the peoples families who are suffering tonight. I am so sorry for your loss.

This blog though needs to point out a few things I would like my readers to think about. First of all I do not understand why civilized nations of the world don't get together and stop this. Tell the countries involved if they cant stop it we will. Then go do it, the hell with what these countries think. Remember we warned them. Second to the Muslims. I for one am not interested in your apologies or condemnation of this violence. I hear all over the media how Muslims should condemn  this, and you should but What HORSE SHIT.  We want you to fight it. We want to hear how many of them you have killed and how we can help you kill more of them.  We are tired of words its time for actions or the rest of us can only assume you agree with the actions of these animals. Third President Obama you need to stop allowing this and refusing to call  this a WAR and calling them what they are Muslim Radicals. Smiles its like not calling you a socialist. Fourth and final thought this goes out to the News Media Now I keep hearing how police should protect them and people should stand up for them and their first amendment rights...... Well OK but think of this.....We know your scared,  your scared of everything. What I want you to think about and I want to point out to my readers is this. DOESN'T IT SUCK WHEN SOMEONE HAS A JOB TO DO THAT THEY HAVE BEEN ENTRUSTED WITH BUT THAT THEY NEGLECT AND DON'T DO IT BECAUSE OF POLITICAL CORRECTNESS AND PERSONAL POLITICAL VIEWS.  Ask yourself this if these killers come to my office in NYC will the cops I call to save me be the same ones you have been calling raciest and showing such little respect for. The people you want to fight for your first amendment rights will these be the same people who you were entrusted to be the watch dog for their rights,  but chose to take sides and push the socialist  agenda for the present administration. Id think about this if I was you, remember your bull shit has cost many people their rights and even their lives, but you just keep printing, publishing and putting on TV what fits your socialist agenda and that of Wash . D.C. I hope such a thing never happens here in the United States but if it does isn't just worth thinking about. Who will come to help you and when you had the chance did you do your job for them. Will they take up your mantel of freedom or come to your rescue like you did for them. I sure hope so. ...Smiles..... Just a thought

Shep says