Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Last Word for the Last election of 2012

HELLO America again
I thought I should write this last blog to complete my thoughts for America. To the Decorates congratulations on your recent win in the 2012 elections and your march on to socialize our country. Nice job. Now let me break the kudos down not to miss anyone.

First of all our young up and coming American voters. I am so proud that you came out to vote. I truly hope you enjoyed it and remember it always. One so that you keep voting once you grow up and know something and second so when you are living in a socialist country paying the bill for the rest of your lives you know you earned it. WTG gang. Just to help you out knowing our socialist school systems do a piss poor job teaching math let me explain something to you. Right now a 16 trillion dollar debt means for every person in the US which includes you. Right now your part of it is 140,000 dollars yes that’s right our government has spent us into everyone starts out 140,000 dollars behind. That is how huge 16 trillion dollars is now bare in mind by his own numbers by the time he leaves office that number will be 20 trillion or more. Hey congrats on your win, make the check payable to good old Uncle Sam. When you think of this you might ask yourself wow how long will it take me to pay this off. Well between paying for school then going to the real world and finding out most of what you paid for is useless, then a place to live, cars, food, furniture, taxes you wont believe (that you just voted for), insurance, health care oh oh then don’t forget marriage and someday your own children I would guess the answer is NEVER. Here is why When I was in your position I lived in a free country where capitalism was a good thing where opportunity was only limited by your own work and desire where we knew it was our job to take care of ourselves and if we didn’t achieve it there was no one to blame or a government lottery to win. Btw I have enough money to pay my share because I took advantage of my opportunities and knew opportunity meant chance not PERSONAL free shit. It was on us. Winks see how fun this is.

To the black voters Congratulations your black like me vote won and today you have a black socialist in the white house who used you to get what he wanted. One who is very wealthy and will get more so when he leaves office. Now this guy was a community leader ever ask yourself how he made his money. Hmmmm King never had that kind of money . But don’t worry he will reward you with more of the same programs that is ruining your people and left them in the quagmire of welfare for the last six generations. For my entire life we have been trying to right the wrongs of the past spending more money then we have trying to improve education. With few results and met with the same appreciation we get from other countries and people we give things to that they do not earn. Now we have the biggest racial divide in this country I have seen in my life time. The prejudice of blacks towards whites and now I am afraid the tide is turning through frustration of the last six generations white people are beginning to harbor old feelings again towards black. Not because they are black but because they wont forget they are black and refuse to pull themselves away from the welfare state gravy train and just be Americans. If you are educated but still vote along racial lines think about it, your more black then American. No one with any common sense or minimal brain power could possible believe we as a country can borrow our way to debt free. Nor could they look at the results of the past and feel or believe this welfare state is working or helping your people (what ever that means). I for one was taught our people were Americans plan and simple.

 Hispanics Please read the above comments and learn this. It is now your future if you keep voting for socialism. I welcome all legal immigrants to our country. Please think and remember why you came here, was it to change our country and to make it more like your old country ? or was it because you thought there was opportunity and a bettr life. I would hope the latter and that people aren’t coming here because we give you more free shit then other countries. If that is so, I hope a huge movement begins to stop immigration all together. America is not now and has never been about free shit its about opportunity and freedom. If you don’t know that and believe that please go home. Yes it is hard for new people who come to our country because most the time they start at the bottom and it takes time to get to the top. Just like it did when my family came here. My family came to this country to get out from under socialism and have fought and died for this country now for generations. Not for FREE SHIT but for FREEDOM. My family had no help learning English in school paid for through other peoples taxes we learned at home. Of course my family was more concerned about learning how to become an American then trying to maintain our failed culture we had fled from. Our traditions were loved and kept alive at home not through government programs. This way it meant more because it was done with love not tax payer dollars.  

Gay people  Congrats now you can be gay, but wait weren’t you gay before !!!
Or is it you don’t want to be gay you want to be a minority and get free shit. As I have said in other blogs I do not care if you live your gay life style I just don’t want my dollars supporting it. I sure don’t believe the left or the right should be legislating or de legislating morality. Which I will get to the GOP in a min. Now gay people the question is do you wish to live your life your way in peace or do you want free shit. I would tend to believe when you vote based on one simple thing such as well he mentioned gay is ok then you do a disservice to our country and yourselves. Really wasn’t the equal right movement about giving people the right to live without titles like queer or nigger. Then can someone please explain to me why now we have more groups placing titles on themselves to get free shit then any time in our history.

Look liberals I believe in Gods word his word says he loves us all and we are all equal. But the definition of equal is:

Show Spelled [ee-kwuhl] Show IPA adjective, noun, verb, e·qualed, e·qual·ing or ( especially British ) e·qualled, e·qual·ling. adjective
as great as; the same as (often followed by to or with ): The velocity of sound is not equal to that of light.
like or alike in quantity, degree, value, etc.; of the same rank, ability, merit, etc.: two students of equal brilliance.
evenly proportioned or balanced: an equal contest.
uniform in operation or effect: equal laws.
adequate or sufficient in quantity or degree: The supply is equal to the demand.

Minorities No place in that does it mention FREE SHIT nor a socialized vision for America. I know this wont make you change I just ask you to think about it.
I want you to really look at what these special interest groups and attitudes are doing to our country. I want you cast your vote like I can, but I want you to cast it like I do not based on my race, religion or social status but What is good for our country and what follows our constitutions. If you are voting because of your life choices or what color you are and who will give the most free shit to “coughs” my people then no wonder people are beginning to change their attitudes towards your group. They might be right. Why would we support a people or group that doesn’t think of freedom and opportunity for all first. Freedom and opportunity do not now or never has involved free shit. That is socialism. If that is what you want why not go find a place that has it and move there. It is really easy to find there are failed examples all over Europe right now. MINORITIES YOU ARE BEING USED BY SOCIALISTS. I love you all but, my love should be given of free will not forced through socialism.

Unions  G
ood job yet again you have been convinced to vote liberal. Why because you bought hook line and sinker that somehow sticking together will work. But as your Union bosses live like kings you still cant afford the car you build. There was a time unions were really needed to protect the safety of people and because there were sweat shops. But now unions are used for free shit and for using a large group of hard working people for votes. I feel the worst for your group then any, because not only are you being used but you work hard in your lives. Sorry kids I do not include the teaches, postal or any government union part of this group. Your unions are simply another form of welfare. Which I will get into later.

Teachers  Congratulations you can read this blog in the three months your off every year and correct my grammar and spelling and somehow think your smarter then me. Which is fine because I have to tell you I do not give two shits what you think. I believe the education system in our country is the biggest waste and most corrupt group in our country. This group has been high jacked by socialists 50 years ago. They are only interested in growing their own industry and making themselves feel like other professionals like doctors and lawyers. They work 9 months a year are required by no one to produce results. Our schools in this country are given the third most money per student in the world. Yet we rank 27th in results. And they want more and they pray on the emotions of loving parents who want to give their children a better education so they have more opportunity and choices in life. PARENTS YOU ARE BEING RIPPED OFF THESE PEOPLE ARE RUNNING THESE PLACES WITH A SOCIALIST AGENDA TEACHING YOUR KIDS WHAT THEY BELIEVE NOT WHAT YOUR CHILD NEEDS TO BE SUCCESFUL IN ANY LIFE BUT A SOCIALIST LIFE. These people are running a business with no results with your tax dollar and your child’s future on the line. DON’T GIVE THEM MORE MONEY STOP THIS MADNESS. Force them to produce reasonable results. Teaching was never meant to be a road to riches it was an honorable profession made up of people who loved to teach and help. Humanitarians like cops and firemen. Now we have increased the size of this industry in our schools 10 fold. The problem in our school system besides the socialist attitude they are teaching our children is the fact less money is getting down to the kids. We hear smaller classes is the answer so we buy more teachers. Really people how small do they need to get. It clearly isn’t about results we aren’t getting any. I see no proof that smaller does anything but make teachers lives easier ( and for the rest of us who work all year, have dead lines, are held accountable for our results and can be fired, or who know that work can cause sweat “rolls eyes“) costs us more money and of course makes their industry larger. I see no evidence of better results in our children’s educational level. This is one of only a few businesses in the world who believe they can scream out about the bad results they are getting as reason to give them more. LOL If you work in the real world you know you would try to hide this shit so you didn’t get fired. ( These are the people who think they are smarter then the rest of us. )Parents think abut this at the beginning of each year after you have spent money on things like school clothes and supplies till your dead broke. You send your kids off to the first day of school proud of them and yourself that you have done the best you could. Not always as much as you would like to do, because you love them with all your heart. Then very soon they bring home notes about more money needed for simple things like band, school ID cards, sports and on and on. Then through the year your child is expected to go door to door like a beggar looking for more money to fund shit for the schools. ( or for you to call and beg your family to help them out LOL ) Does anyone STOP to ask with school taxes higher then ever , money from smoking and casinos and who knows what else. With results lower where in the hell is the money going !!!!!. Ill tell you its going to make easy lives easier and to build a failed socialist industry. Which everyone might look at as a micro cosmism of what our country will look like with a larger socialist government. Building huge costly monuments to their industry called schools under the pretence of the good of the future and of the people. People this sounds more like Marxism then education to me. Ok teachers and educators I have wasted enough time trying to teach people who wont do two things, one listen to reason nor go out and really do something hard like push your union and industry to change. To be Americans and think of the kids before donuts and coffee and understand college shouldn’t be the hardest thing you ever do in your life. That when you graduate somehow you should be done LOL and free shit given to you. Or that your job somehow gives you the right to try to influence our children with your socialist dreams of grandeur. That somehow what you do is for the greater good and should not be held to a standard of reasonable results like the rest of us.

Angry White women  Dear lord I don’t know where to start or think about you. Is it you feel guilty or is it you want to pretend like your strong or what. Do you see the world like your butt do you look in the mirror and think does this dress make my ass look huge. Possibly you need to look in the mirror and think this government spending and free shit makes my ass poor. Shit girls I hate to have to tell you this but if you somehow have gotten the idea that instead of a man taking care of you that the government should I am thinking you have gone no place. It has just made you a whore for your government. The women’s movement has been a worthwhile movement to our country, but if it has degenerated down to free shit and becoming a minority for the good old government gravy train how sad. I understand there are thousands of single mothers out there and life is hard and I hope your parents explained that is how it would be. Here is the deal and I am not preaching or getting religious about it but if you screw someone and get pregnant either through choice or not thinking. How in the world is my duty to help you in your life and give you free shit. Go ask the guy who had the fun fucking you. LOL Here’s another thought if your group movement is right and my tax dollar are being sent to abortions and birth control why didn’t you use it. Is this another government program failed because no one looks for and or expects results. For those of you who are middle aged and discovering somehow you aren’t where you wanted to be in life. Welcome to the boys club, equal rights doll, we have been dealing with this shit forever. Take heart it is a good thing, if we don’t set our goals higher then we can achieve and work hard to achieve them we leave to much on the table. This is however not a reason to whine or ask others to give me free shit. It is life.

White guys  OK if your not one of the above groups and not some pussy voting how your wife wants you to so she will leave you alone and sleep with you. Then kudos at least you have an opinion and you have that right. I don’t understand why anyone would want to trade our country to the socialists but its your right. I do also believe this group is very small.

CONGRATULATIONS YOU MISRIBLE SOCIALIST SONS OF BITCHES I hope your happy and you have your story. I hope you got your ratings and I hope the American people never forget your efforts to drive this country into socialism. I know I wont. You drive our country closer to socialism, civil war, the bankruptcy of our country. You bastards no longer report the news you are the news and the news is bad. You stopped reporting elections several ago and took sides how’s that working for America. You are the scourge of the earth and see yourselves as some higher power that knows more then the rest of us. Smug talking heads looking down on America. I hope your happy and when we are in depression or the blood of Americans runs in the streets in civil war I hope two things. One: I hope you can live with yourselves and Two: I hope your in the middle of it. There you will see what soft pussys you are and how unequipped to deal with what you helped cause. You will beg and cry for someone to save you. Just pray to God I am not your last hope and if I am pray that God will touch my heart to forgive and to stop and help. All things are possible through God. My biggest pleasure is knowing we all kneel before God someday. I know I will and I am sure might have to answer for my questionable language but you my friends will have much more to answer for. So have fun now and remember eternity awaits you. So think of the pain and suffering you have caused for ratings or your socialist dream.  I hope it was worth it J

If I have missed any group I am so sorry but please understand there are so many now days its hard to keep up. But I believe if you reread one of the above thoughts you to can find one that fits. I believe people whom want the free shit life style are pretty much alike. This attitude crosses all colors, Religions, life styles and political parties. WHICH BRINGS ME TO MY VERY OWN REPUBLICAN PARTY.

Republicans  Well congratulations to us, once again we failed to get the right wing religious platforms out of our party and stop putting personal beliefs that have no place in government before our countries good. It is our right, our duty and our heart to believe in God. It is however not Gods will we legislate it. Remember even God himself gave us the right of free choice to believe in him or not. Just is there’s consequences if we don’t. Here is the other funny thing about what we are doing and the lunacy of it. The left does it better then us because its ok for them to lie and it only gives them sound bites and bullets to shoot towards the groups above who clearly are looking at reasons not to vote to kill the free shit train. Or for us to shoot ourselves in the foot once again.
What we need to run our party is good people no matter color, religion, sex, social position or beliefs. Our only test should be: one is it constitutional as our forefathers intended and two is it making government smaller and doing what is best for our country. That is what will win. Our personal beliefs should and must be just that ours and kept to ourselves. Our party can no longer stand to carry banners of right wing groups who are as bad as the left trying to get someone to join in and force people into a life or system they believe is right. Duh folks think about it. Like political PAC groups it doesn’t matter if its your son of a bitch or my son of a bitch it is still a son of a bitch. Stop it. Your Christian enough to say what’s right for others ? however not Christian enough to stop using wrong things and tools because they seem to work for you. Then you sit on TV with the talking heads wondering why people don’t follow you. Here is another tip. The socialists are winning because we allow their political correctness to drive us. I am sorry but a socialist is a socialist and should be called so. Somehow we have adopted their system. So we aren’t leading gee why would anyone follow people who follow. I believe if one calls another person a nigger its real bad, because of what really happened. I don’t believe though its as bad as some make it out then use it themselves. I am sorry people are like this. But the black people are much different then any of the rest of these special interest groups they were forced here , made slaves, beaten and truly discriminated against for generations. So every title or named called is not the same thing. PERIOD
I have to tell you if calling a socialist a socialist hurts their feelings who cares I don’t even want them here LOL.
I believe its time to look at things and stop blaming the candidate and giving the media more fodder for next time. Mr. Romney did a good job and is a good man. I don’t believe he was the best choice for our party to back but would have made a fine president. I also believe we need to watch some of the people inside our own party who I believe are Socialist plants or at the very least very stupid republicans. LOL Mainly people in the media who I have seen on both sides with equal vigor. We have some wonderful young people coming along and the GOP needs to get ride of the good old boys who have sit and waited their turn.
Bob Dole and John McCain both great Americans but neither could win. The media pushed them because they knew it. What did we do, fell for it again thinking the media had changed and wouldn’t hurt these guys. Damn guys how many times we gonna let Lucy pull that football away on us. LOL. Its time to turn to the future to let people who really are leaders come to the top and connect with the people. This good old boy shit I would consider that GOP welfare.
It is past time we as a praty re introduce the American people to what is going on in this country and what socialism is. In every country in the world that has moved toward socialism there are several common properties. They always divide the population to conqure it. This is always done by gettting a large percent of people to some how receive government funds. This is why I have done this blog to try to make people see walfare comes in many diferent forms at many different levels. It is not just the normal defined version. So of course they want a larger government. As the larger it is the more people who work for it or depend on it,  the more control they have and the more people will vote with them. (to save their own free shit program). Notice also the socialist always tare down other people  or programs,  never building or improving anything. For example our schools, we cant make progress because the political correct model brings the good students down to the bad student level because of the envoriment the it has created in our school. They tell their own people they will give them more stuff never explaining that at some point the country will be bankrupt and no one will have anything. ( This is happening in Eroupe right now ) Now the next step is awalys an assult on things like business, finical structure etc. as these are the only thing in the final days that would hinder the socialist take over. We must see it and bring to the American people what is going on. We must show them that like in the banking crisis it is more wall street then banks and the two are very different. Yes they share some of the same functions but are different. The banks broke no laws or people would be sent to jail. They worked within the frame work set up in congress know as laws. I do believe there is much going on on wall street that is right down theft. So we must ask ourselves why is our government assulting our banking system while the same loose rules on wall street like "naked short selling" just move on under the radar. I dont have time to explain all the things I see on Wall Street right now. The GOP needs to decide if they are the solution or part of the problem. I believe when there is such a strong socialist movement in our country for us to even  discuss things like abortion and other subjects that have no place in American politics not only plays into their hand but is paramount to fiddling while Rome burned. Wake up GOP this is real and not hard to see. YOU MUST STOP PLAYING THEIR GAME, YOU CAN NOT WIN.  I am not sure at this point you can win at all unless you become socialists, so at the very least get some balls and be the canary in the coal mine or the Patrick Henry of our times and run to the street screaming  THE  SOCIALISTS ARE COMING.  I mean really GOP  our only hope is to redefine what is going on. If you do this I cant promise we will win or the process will be reversed as I fear it has gone to far now. But at least you would have done your job and allowed many people to see it and help them prepare for the things that will happen. If you do not see this or do any of this then possibly the GOP is the same and involved only with a different name. I do not want to vote for who is the lessor socialist.That is the failed model of what happened in Europe. That is the issue the American people need to see and have answered. If you want to comprimise which you must , then do it with your personal shit not our constitution. Remember it is non consitutional issues like abortion that feed the left. I am a well studied Christian and no place do I find, if someone else sins it somehow it hurts my path to God. Yes we should try to help but,  I believe that is with our personal witness. Not to be confused with laws which try to make people live the way we want them to. Government needs to be about saving Americans not souls. Do as I do and God designed DO IT ON YOUR TIME NOT WHEN YOUR ON OUR TIME CLOCK.
Wall Street You piss me off as bad as the teachers union and the socialist media. Your greed knows no bounds. Somehow our banking and business systems have been confused with you. You are not banks or businesses. For the most part you are vultures and gamblers at best and should be looked at by someone and if DC wants to regulate someone there’s the place to start. You are playing into the hands of the socialists along with the media and are no better. Yes the banks did some bad things in housing. They were within the law set by or government. Other wise this socialist assault on our banking system would be putting bankers in jail. It isn’t happening so we know this to be true. What our government is doing or trying to do with the real banks is being clouded by the liberal media and lumping wall street in with banks. Now im not saying there shouldn’t be people going to jail over this last housing problem, but I believe most of them are still in DC in office. Or on Wall street churning the system picking the pockets of the people of this country who trusted that our government and Wall street would at least watch out for these things. Wall Street is being used by both sides. It is a great venue for it to its where everyone can hide in the dark and make their money no questions ask. That’s why there are no questions ask DUH !!!!There are two sides there just like out here and they steel your money, try to change political races and are slimy greedy piss pots and I will look for you in the line next to the media at the golden gates. I hope you get all that you have earned LOL

Politicians This is a highly educated group so they are a testament to our educational system. Scary huh LOL. You people need to stop your pork barrel spending, special interest attention, your greed for power and money , your idealistic views in front of our nations future, you need to stop giving us rules, laws regulations and enforce the ones we have. I know the old ones might not have your name on it but that doesn’t mean they are bad. It only means your ego isn’t fed. YOU ARE THE PEOPLE WE TRUST OUR COUNTRY WITH. I DO NOT CARE IF YOU LIKE ABORTION OR HATE IT THE FACT IS YOUR PRIVATE BELIEFS SHOULD NOT BE INVOLVED IN THE FUTURE OF THIS COUNTRY. If its important to you, then wait till your out of office and go for it. Jimmy carter even though he was a liberal who was clueless he has my respect because he carried his work into his next life. Believe me if you keep trying to legislate or delegislate morality you cant get to private life fast enough for me. Enough said I think to the people who need to get back to work. Tea party as long as you stick with being conservative people who protect the constitution I am with you. The min. you start trying to legislate morality I’m done, because that makes you just another bunch of special interest whores.

America I love this country and its people more then life its self and believed I have proved it over and over. So I guess that is why I feel I have the right to be this honest. In closing I want to explain what welfare is. It is no longer just giving money to the poor. It is any government program that is not profitable that is used by politicians for vote. For example Farm subsidies is welfare, the post office and its workers is welfare, the education system is welfare, corporate bailouts is welfare, most government agencies welfare, most government unions welfare. of course the traditional ones we all look down on LOL and feel we are better then them. I don’t know does it matter if its red or blue welfare. Think about what welfare program your on. Welfare is any government program or system or job that is un profitable and is being used to capture VOTES.  Just because someone shows up for work doesn’t alter that. Just because someone getting something and they are already well off doesn’t alter that. What America needs to do is learn to look above their own hand and vote for America not for themselves. WHAT IS YOUR PROGAME, WHAT DOES IT COST, AND HOW BAD DOES IT HURT OUR COUNTRY. Welfare is like sin to God sin is sin there is no difference or stages or better sin then another. I believe welfare is the same. I believe in helping people and have lived a life doing it. I have lived my life in the shadows of the past thinking of the great spirit of this great nation. Dreaming of a brighter tomorrow, of a day when we could help others with a free hand and spirit. To wrap our arms around new people who come to share our dream not just our free shit. To make tomorrow easier for everyone without taking what people have earned. To really be a better country. It will never happen through legislating or de legislating morality or through socialism. It will only happen through the hearts and mines of real Americans. People who look above themselves and their special interest. People who spend the time really understanding the issues not sound bites before they vote. People who love this country as I do who would die for her. My time , my life, and all that I have I owe to the grace of God, my work and this great country. I have never taken anything from anyone and have given much to many. This is my last gift to America this blog. It is who I am and who we should be. One whom thinks greater then today, who dreams of a tomorrow greater then my own personal free shit. I have loved this country, but today I hang my head a little, not for me but for my country and its people . The people who have forgotten the past and forgotten the lives who I have seen die before me. Them with their last dying breath, somehow feeling it was ok, for they believed the life they just gave was not as great as the country and the people they just gave it for. Shame on us America. Until you look into the eyes of a dying solder who gasps his last breath for you, do you see the true reflection of yourself and what you owe your country. Not until we give up our greed and I don’t just mean the greed of the rich. I mean your free shit. Then and only then will our country regain the greatness that deserves the death of our solders. Thank you America for reading this May God bless America and The souls of the men and women who have died for not free shit, but for freedom. Good bye America and good luck “for tomorrow will only be formed in your heats today with the actions and work of tomorrow. Mr. Obama I wish you well for our country and hope and pray Gods hand is on you and touches your heart and makes you the American he gave you voice to be and not the socialist advocate using the poor people of America to do his bidding .